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KFC Is Rolling Out A New Mac And Cheese Fried Chicken Bowl

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  • KFC Reveals New Mac & Cheese Bowls - Chew Boom.
  • KFC unleashes Mac & Cheese Bowls on the world.
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  • KFC’s New Mac And Cheese Bowls Are Topped With Fried Chicken And Extra Cheese.
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How to Make Stovetop Mac and Cheese Recipe - I Heart Recipes

Multimedia Gallery. This is a good copy of it.

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The one thing though is that I used a good brand of cheddar and name brand Velveeta - not store brand of the processed cheese. Maybe that's why - too many people try to sub off brand ingredients and think they'll have good results.

I also used whole milk which I bought specifically for this recipe. Most people don't drink whole milk anymore so I also wonder if they tried to sub something else for it.

KFC Mac & Cheese, Classic Rice Platters with Sambal & Fried Chicken

Not impressed. My daughter liked it. But like the other poster. I thought it was bland. My husband makes this same thing without a recipe.

KFC Announces New Mac and Cheese Bowls For Only $5

Im sure this is nothing like KFC. This Mac and cheese was horrible! It was plain with no flavor whatsoever, and was nothing like KFC's Mac and cheese.

Do not waste your time with this recipe! I don't know if this is like KFC or not but it made a great mac and cheese in a pinch. It's a very basic recipe but most of my family doesn't like the fancy macs that have all kinds of add-ins and a variety of cheeses. This is a good simple recipe.