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May 9, PM in response to isteveus In response to isteveus Even if you are using an external USB audio card which is recognized by mac although manufacturer doesn't provide drivers for it? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Of course many interfaces need a driver usually to add functions or set bit depth or sample rate.

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Also there may be something that won't work but I would say that anything built in the last five years will work seamlessly with core audio. I haven't tried recording with it yet.

What is ASIO4ALL? Can You Get ASIO4ALL on a Mac? - Musician's HQ

If you have moved from a PC to a mac you may be expecting latency issues like I was. I have always needed to download additional drivers on windows PCs to deal with latency even when I thought I had top of the range specifications. Then I got fed up and one day splashed out on a second hand MacBook, and I have not had any latency issues since.

Driver and Buffer, Audio Driver Types and Latency

The good news is that hopefully not. It works in a similar way to ASIO by talking to audio devices, bypassing system mixers and allowing direct communication between applications and audio devices.

These will act as an external soundcard with specialist drivers built-in. Unlike computer soundcards and drivers, these are designed for this specific purpose.

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The time that your computer sound card needs to process information is known as the buffer size. If your buffer size is too large you will get latency. So by reducing this buffer size you can reduce this lag, however, beware, the smaller the buffer size the more strain is placed upon your computer and it may cause glitches.

So have a play with different buffer sizes and see if it helps. Another setting to fiddle with in your DAW settings is the sample rate. As with a small buffer size the higher the sample rate the harder your computer has to work. Head into preferences in Ableton. From here, go to the audio tab on the left and then you will see an option for driver select.

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USB ASIO driver cuts latency down to 7ms

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Sign up now! Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi. Discussion in ' Computer Audio ' started by anouk , Sep 1, Post 1 of Joined: Jul 8, Posts: 2, Likes: Hello, I know it is said htat for the pc using asio is the best way to go if you use an external dac. I now have a macbook pro and i wonder if this the seem way here and what is the better connection for it, usb or optical?

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Thanks, Greetings, Anouk,. Sep 1, at AM. Post 2 of Joined: Jan 13, ASIO wasn't meant to be used for playback purposes either way, it's meant for recording where you want to be able to set a low latency. Many people use ASIO for playback on Windows machines because the audio architecture made by Microsoft isn't all that great.

This product has been discontinued.

Macs don't have that problem for as far as I know. Please tell me if I'm wrong though. The Optical vs. USB debate is something completely different altogether and I must say that I don't know everything about that so I'll leave that for someone else to comment on. Post 3 of