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This software was developed by IPSwitch, another popular developer of Network Monitoring tools and it provides an effective way to receive, save and share Syslog data from various devices on your network.

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The WhatsUp Gold Syslog server allows you to view the log messages live as they are received and also sort them to appear based on their importance. It also allows you to set the type of events that trigger an alert which will promptly be sent to you as messages. With the ability to handle 6,, messages per hour, this server tool is well suited for use in any organization size. All the collected Syslog messages are archived which means you have a history of all the logged files in case you need them in the future.

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  7. Additionally the WhatsUp server allows forwarding of the log messages to a third-party application for in-depth monitoring. This server is only compatible with windows and can either run as an application or as a server.

    Kiwi Log Viewer (Mac) for Mac

    The server allows you to view the messages in real time as they come after which they are saved on the disk for better management. For easy retrieval of logs from the database, the server allows you to filter them based on various aspects like the date, source address, facility, or message content. In addition to the standard email alerts, the Visual Syslog Server supports notification through displaying an alarm window, playing a sound file and customizable notices formats.

    There is definitely no way you will miss an alert with so many available options. But even if you do, this server can be set to trigger external scripted programs act on your behalf in case of an alert. Although this server runs as an application, it is very lightweight and does not take too much system resources. It can also be minimized to the tray when not in active use to avoid disturbing your workflow. It will still continue collecting logs in the background.

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    8. Syslog Watcher is another excellent software for managing log events that features a multi-threaded architecture for enhanced performance. Multi-threaded means the process of collecting logs and processing them is different and therefore, one does not interfere with the other. Ad a result, you are assured that all events from all your devices are logged to the server.

      How to MAC system information and log (asl) files.m4v

      Smart parse is another highlight feature of Syslog Watcher that enables it to handle non-Syslog messages. This server has the ability to handle thousands of logs per second and will thus have no problem handling all the devices in your network. Once in the database, it becomes very easy to manage the data especially with the various search and sorting mechanisms allowed by the server.

      Changelog Version Description 5. Advice to novices: This function works great along with "tail" which is a unix command to watch a log file live. Further Note: This works even better when you have two monitors setup. One for your browser and IDE and the other for viewing the log files update live as you go. Apparently the response contained a body with over 1. This means that if you are using a custom error to both display the error and log it to syslog, then a command-line user will see the same error reported twice.

      Be carefull.

      Configuring remote syslog from routers, switches, & network devices · Papertrail log management

      A work aorund is rotate logs :. Note that since typical email is unencrypted, sending data about your errors over email using this function could be considered a security risk. How much of a risk it is depends on how much and what type of information you are sending, but the mere act of sending an email when something happens even if it cannot be read could itself imply to a sophisticated hacker observing your site over time that they have managed to cause an error.

      Of course, security through obscurity is the weakest kind of security, as most open source supporters will agree. This is just something that you should keep in mind.

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      A newline is not automatically added to the end of the message string. The destination. The extra headers. This message type uses the same internal function as mail does. Note that message may be sent to file, mail, syslog, etc.

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      Version Description 5. Edit Report a Bug. Parameters message The error message that should be logged. Tip message should not contain null character. Changelog Version Description 5. Advice to novices: This function works great along with "tail" which is a unix command to watch a log file live. Further Note: This works even better when you have two monitors setup.