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Mac Miller - Polo Jeans Lyrics

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Don't I look so handsome in these Polo jeans? I'm over bitches trying to act like I owe 'em a picture Rather introduce these hoes to Vince who could show you a pistol Listen, st was the older initials Been rap game tighter than boa constricters Rolling stoned like a boulder raving, I'm so impatient and going dumb as Disclosing my fucking home location to total strangers No love in my heart for coppers, blood from my lungs on the sink Cashing out off the garments, the artist, fuck what you think The sky'll turn black and the carrions could pick At my flesh when I rest, tell 'em bury me adrift [Hook: Mac Miller] [Ab-Soul] Soulo Explain Request.

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Mac Miller - Polo Jeans [Lyrics]

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Mac Miller - Polo Jeans (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

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Polo Jeans

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