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Simply drag the emails from the non-ProtonMail account folder to one of your ProtonMail folders. Those emails will be synced automatically with your ProtonMail account. Short of having a ProtonMail client i. So, this feature would be a strong plus in favor of ProtonMail. Old user of fetchmail-procmail-mutt-msmtp with several mail servers.

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Using GPG with almost… nobody! However, I would like so much to have the possibility to integrate Protonmail with fetchmail-mutt-msmtp. Understand is not trivial but is there any hope? Sure, any possibility to export emails and archive them locally on my computer will be very welcome. Not being able to store email locally is also a deal breaker for me.

To answer all of the feature request questions, people want Protonmail with the features of Outlook. I learned about Proton via TED talks. Please keep going! Before protonmail I was always on email clients and it is handy to dig into the old mails now and then. The backup would even be better if there was a way to automate it, thus relieving us from having to remember to back up.

I just started with this, not realizing there is no ability to archive. I appreciate it is easy for me to ask, but this is crucial. This in no way diminishes what you have done so far. This feature would be welcome. Email is precious, so in order to join ProtonMail we need to be able also to leave it.

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Bad things can happen think Lavabit , and we need to protect ourselves by keeping local copies of our email as we see fit. If we can move in and out, then we can choose to make ProtonMail our main, preferred service on the longer term. Obviously, due to the encrypted nature of the message store, vanilla IMAP would not be an answer contrary to Gmail for instance. That would do the job. There is also a problem when I want to print email. It is impossible to print full content of a message.

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To really switch to Protonmail, I need to copy my e-mails from other accounts. I hope that this is just temporary situation. This feature is also crucial for me, and is also preventing me from considering ProtonMail as my long term mail service. If ProtonMail is to take on the mainstream mail providers it has to offer feature parity on a number of key points, and I believe the ability to save your mail locally is one of them. Your data is truly yours, in the sense you can do what you want with it, and leave the service if you so choose.

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Import and export are absolutely needed. Import, so we can finally get rid of other email accounts. Export, so we can archive or transition out of protonmail in the sad and hopefully unlikely event that it shuts down. Any ideas when this will be coming? One of the standard aspects of security is availability, and my email is at risk of losing availability on Protonmail without a way to have local copies of my email messages. If something should happen to Protonmail, either physically, legally, or financially, and it became unavailable, I would lose my email messages.

I would feel a lot more comfortable with an IMAP solution, or at least a way to do an export. Having been burned with LavaBit, backups would be great. Also, I have a lot of mail I need to keep from other accounts, so importing would also be great. This is the make it or break it feature for me too — With it, I would be willing to switch and even financially support. Export is important for me in case the service is disestablished.

I would also really appreciate import so that I can migrate here smoothly. Btw, this page is broken. I cannot upvote. Also when I try to upvote other comments, I get en error message saying I am not logged in.

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This is incorrect. One part would be a local backup either through plugins to popular mail applications or you own native one, anything that keeps your mail downloaded and accessible even in the event of ProtonMail servers ever shutting down , the second part would be allowing you to migrate away from ProtonMail. I considered to switch to protonmail, but when I tried to import my old emails, I had to scrap that plan for the time being. Unfortunately, we do not have estimated date for this feature. We are trying to implement every suggestion and make ProtonMail more user friendly.

The ability to have control over my documents emails and contacts in this context is vital to me. Thus I need to be able to backup my mails all folders, including sent etc. There are multiple reasons which depends on factors that neither I or protonmail is in control of in my opinion: This is an absolute deal breaker.

It should be a 1 priority at this point. This is the single most relevant feature that keeps me from using Protonmail right now. That should be the first priority. Upvote button is not working for me too. Not sure if it is because I am new user or it is because of something else. I agree — I too would love to see both a way to import and export e-mail. I hope this feature comes soon. I am trying out ProtonMail and paid for an account s. It is imperative that to use this account for a business there be minimally a method to archive the corpus.

It is necessary when an employee leaves the company, legally, and frankly as protection should ProtonMail meet with an unwarranted or untimely end. Given the number of comments here, it would be great if someone from ProtonMail could chime in with a roadmap of upcoming features, the priority and current timing. Look forward to a specific date on downloading corpus asasp, frankly exploring alternatives now because of this issue.

Any updates on this? Everyone coming to Protonmail needs to import all messages.

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Everyone using Protonmail should have a separate backup. So how much longer before we see this implemented? I too feel there is no way I can use Protonmail until I can backup my emails. I understand people have different needs, and diverse working environments, but offline archiving is not something I have use for. In fact, I very much prefer not to have my data stored locally.

Anyway, I definitely need the ability to import emails.

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Just discovered proton mail yesterday and immediately became a plus paid customer to support your efforts. However, like others here, I do need to save key emails offline. An export to a file from the web would help short term, but using another client like Outlook, Mail, would be preferable.

No offense meant, as I love this whole idea, and the philosophy behind it , but you are literally keeping most of your user base out because of this one feature. It is impractical to keep exponentially paying for something because there is no export function. I have been meaning to switch to ProtonMail as my primary email for weeks, but have not because of this feature.

We do not need hotkeys, we need this feature! Please make this the number one priority, everything else is secondary.

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Please implement an export function. While I know you will do everything in your power to stay in business, Proton Mail could still go the way of Lavabit.