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In addition to dragging widgets around a homescreen in 'Edit' mode, you can now also drag from one homescreen to another. Widget re-positioning when moving from portrait to landscape mode remains intelligent, with some tweaks for the new variety in widget sizes. New drop-down menu, Android style, to access notifications, connectivity toggles including a welcome one for 'Mobile data', which previously required an involved trip into 'Settings' and system status information from most places in the UI.

The Symbian homescreen system now supports up to six pages previously the limit was three for most phones and five for the smaller-screened E6. Newly installed applications are now marked with a red asterisk until they've been opened for the first time.

The Nokia Belle update is here, but is the end of Symbian hardware nigh? | Digital Trends

This, for most applications, in theory, gives the UI a flatter hierarchy, with less use of menus and with more direct interaction. Improvements to the lock screen, which will now have information about missed calls and messages. The lock screen also now supports a transparency effect, showing the underlying homescreen wallpaper. Update to Web, with numerous optimisations and easy access to multiple windows through a permanent toolbar icon.

Like desktop browsers, Web keeps track of your 'Most visited pages' and this can be set as your 'homepage' if needed. A long press and drag on web page text now pops up a 'Copy' option, for copying text to the system clipboard. Updates to several other Symbian stalwart applications. Although functionality is the same, far fewer taps are needed to get to the majority of settings and functions.

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Note also that the 'Close-up' mode for the N8 video capture i. Procedure If you have not already done so, update Nokia Suite to the latest version.

Nokia N8 with Delight CFW v6.6

If your PC is online, the software will check for update availability. You can go into the updater tab to force a refresh of this, if needed. The update is downloaded. If you've previously installed Belle on another device and the version number is the same, the same update source is used, saving you and Nokia download time and bandwidth. Follow the prompts on-screen. Nokia Suite then restores your data, backed up above.

Nokia Store will prompt for an immediate update to the latest QML version - accept this and wait while it installs. While you're there, look for Nokia Social 1. Note that, once run and logged into Facebook, Nokia Social will take some background time updating your Contacts thumbnails. Please allow for this and accept that Contacts will appear to be constantly changing for a while. Note that any applications that had been installed to the internal C disk will need re-installing from the Nokia Store or from your original SIS files etc.

Nokia Belle update now available for N8, C7, E6, X7 and C6-01

This is beta software and unexpected things could happen — wait for the full release if this makes you nervous. To get a backup, use iSync.

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Screenshot of iSync. Now back to the NSU. Find the NSU icon in your applications folder and select it to load the program. The update process is really very simple.

Symbian Anna and a mega camera update come to the Nokia N8

Screenshot of NSU for Mac. Just in case.

As part of the beta programme, the application will ask you to share your thoughts about the program to help future developments, by asking:.