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How to Install Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Gold Edition on MAC OS X? Tutorial

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    Heroes of Might and Magic IV - Macintosh Garden

    Iron Cross. Heroes of Might and Magic. I'll need volunteers from the audience to help create our party! Here's the character generation screen. I think all the statistics are pretty self-explanatory, except for Personality, which affects Clerics' and Paladins' spell points. Select your class, and if you want me to prioritise certain stats over others, be sure to mention it. Here's a rundown on the six character classes: Knight: You know what these are. They wear shining armour and hit things. Knights can use all weapons and armour, except for a few rare magical items designed exclusively for other classes.

    They also gain more hit points than any other class, but can't cast spells.

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    Knights must have at least 12 Might. Paladin: Paladins wear even shinier armour than Knights, and after enough holy crusading they can eventually please their god enough to gain low-level Cleric spells. They don't gain as many hit points as a Knight, but can still use nearly all weapons and armour.

    Paladins must have at least 12 Might, Personality and Endurance. Archer: Hitting things is all very well, but what do you do when you need to hit something that's not within convenient stabbing distance? Well, you can either use a missile weapon or a spell, and Archers excel with both.

    They gain as many hit points as a Paladin, can use nearly all weapons, can cast low-level Sorcerer spells, and are the only class allowed to use missile weapons in melee combat. Their defensive abilities aren't so impressive, though: they can't wear any armour heavier than chain mail or use any shields. Archers must have at least 12 Intellect and Accuracy. Cleric: Holy men and women who sweet-talk deities into letting them perform miracles.

    They don't gain as many hit points as the melee classes, and they're restricted to using blunt weapons, but they can wear any armour up to chain mail and use all shields. Most importantly, they can cast spells to heal and protect the party. An adventuring party without at least one Cleric shouldn't expect to survive very long. Clerics must have at least 12 Personality. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. This topic has been pinned, so it's probably important. Nox View Profile View Posts. Hello adventurers!

    We would like to apologize for the delay of this version and thank you for your amazing support on this title! Showing 1 - 15 of comments. I just deleted the game and attempted to re-install but still get the "Executable not available" message upon launching on a Mac. Do I need wait longer for Steam to propagate the package? If I bought game direct on Uplay not steam is it possible to run it somehow on Mac? Or I just waste my money?

    How to install and play the game

    Does the Mac version require a UPlay client for the Mac? If so, where can I find it? Not true - this has not been released. It is a 27mb download. Not true but then again neither is this release announcement.