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Flashing globe icon on startup : mac

From the list of available drives, select the one you wish to use as your Startup Disk. If the next time you start up your Mac the flashing question mark doesn't go away, and your Mac doesn't finish booting, you may have a more serious problem than a difficult-to-find operating system. Chances are your selected startup drive is having issues, possibly disk errors that may be preventing the necessary startup data from properly loading. But before you try the Safe Boot option, go back and check the Startup Disk you selected in the previous step. Make sure it's the same one that your Mac is actually using once it finally boots up.

Disk Utility displays the Mount Point of every volume attached to your Mac. The forward slash is used to indicate the root or starting point of the Mac's hierarchical file system.

How to fix the grey screen at Startup on Mac?

The startup drive is always the root or start of the file system in the Mac OS. In the Disk Utility Sidebar, select a volume , and then check the Mount Point listed in the volume information area in the bottom center of the window.

If you see the forward slash symbol, that volume is being used as the startup drive. Continue selecting volumes in the Disk Utility sidebar until you find the startup volume. Now that you know which volume is being used as the startup disk, you can return to the Startup Disk preference pane and set the correct volume as the startup disk. Now I can't get to any recovery mode, or boot mode, none of the key combination work in this case. Except these two options either questions mark page with all combination of hold press keys, or.

How to Fix a Mac That Stalls on Gray Screen at Startup

Secondly a blank white page with mouse cursor when I try only "option" hold press while turning on. Somewhere in the web I read, a guy named Ivan, reported that his 14' MacBook after upgrading to highsierra had updated it's logic board files also, which now certainly not able to read old data or HDD. So now how to figure it out. The cut and paste answer Joe gave is for Macs newer than this one.

Tips & Tricks On How To Fix Apple iMac Macbook Air Pro Grey Display White Screen Sudden Death 2017

You have a failed hard drive or corrupt system folder. Boot up from the original system installation disk command C on start up with disk inserted ,or a That failing, replace the drive. Melinda Chamberlain. Hey all.

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I have been without a computer for the past month and I work from home with my MacBook as my only way of accessing my control panel so I can get a paycheck. Imagine a better world. Posted: July Posted: September Format on a loaner mac as extended journalled single partion. Collect off your important docs and think about a back up strategy using Carbon Copy Cloner for the next time this happens. Which it does every few years. Thank capitalism and built in obsolescence. Help Translate iFixit.

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How to fix a Mac that won't start

Under what circumstances would my laptop try to do so on its own? This sounds like it could be a security issue.

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