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As MR T says, puts the price of other sets to shame. Thank you Phil for alerting us! Purely on cost this is half the price of those sets — which offered cosmetically different mixes only and only 1 featured a live disc. A bit one size fits all but at the price — and i do think these things get price sensitive- its certainly a hell of a lot better than it could have been.. I just ordered the super deluxe with the 5.

For those of us in the U. I specifically mean the ones with all encompassing multiple formats and immature tat to justify a higher price and where they are not selling the components individually.

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A set such as this should have the vinyl and 5. Charles you do make a fair point on the price, the SDE is reasonable even if some of the content remains un-played I suppose. They should have included a Blu-Ray with the tour documentary, the Tusk promo video and hi-res stereo and 5. What a wasted opportunity.

This puts those Led Zeppelin reissues to shame. REAL alternate versions, not mixes, surround audio. I guess the only thing that would have been better was the addition of the video some are talking about. Slightly off-topic: being a luddite, I have zero interest in Bluray or surround sound I only have two short-sighted eyes and two past-their-best ears , but each to their own.

Quite understandably. I completely agree with what you say in the last paragraph. Now we see there are no definitive editions of anything, all is upgradable. This blog is the best proof of this reality. Only the minority who values the packaging are buying physical items, and it would be interesting to know which is the ratio of Deluxe VS General editions in the market, both in terms of volume and margin for the industry.

This album must see the light of day again. Just a remastered single CD would be welcome at this point but even a 2-disc deluxe set or a gram vinyl would be very nice to have the option to buy too. So happy to see this one coming out after getting the Rumours superdeluxeedition at a great price thanks to this website. I had Tusk on CD long before I got it on vinyl. Takes on a different context compared to the full 20 song overindulgence of the CD.

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For me the live material is what makes this set. Yes, the bootlegs of these shows have been around for years, but the live material is what SHOULD have been the live album. Instead for that they used material from This will be a true Tusk live album.

B-side songs. I cannot believe you have to buy the super deluxe to get the live CDs. I hate marketing like this. I agree that bundling the vinyl is annoying. I know people always find a reason to complain, but this is one of my favorite records and this looks like a must buy!

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Its hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like both LPs are once again side by side in the one main outer sleeve, rather than a gatefold which I would have preferred. Like some others here, I would seriously consider putting more money down for deluxe versions of Tango and probably Mirage.

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And with the tip-off from DaveM, maybe the new 3-cd version plus the live album from is a good combo for me. Three disc for me. The vinyl and DVD-A would just be dust collectors. Hate this mish-mash approach. If this was an expanded Tango in Night I would be delighted and very excited. This is another 5. They are a niche product deserving a standalone release. But what do we get? Why is it taking so long for the reissues of Tango and Mirage? After all, we got the Rosebud film in the Rumours box.

I was hoping for something complete and in better quality that the YouTube clips. As the Mac say: Oh well…. A waiting game. Very frustrating than yet again to get a 5. I will have to make do with the 3 disc edition. I fell for it once Goldfrapp — Tales of Us and was rather underwhelmed as I am more interested in music than the packaging.

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This seems like there is more to this set but how about a separate Blu-ray release of the stereo and 5. I think the answer is something to do with the US not really wholly adopting or embracing blu-ray. At least that was an argument put forward by someone here a few weeks ago. Despite everything it is still apparently in the shadows of DVD. Annoying fans who want lossless 5. You can buy a decent blu-ray player for less than the price of one super deluxe box. You seem to be suggesting the benefits are dubious or imagined, when they are proven and beyond dispute.

My daughter spent some time in the US earlier this year on a school trip and the American family she stayed with said that everyone there is into streaming rather than buying physical discs. If it was originaly a single LP then it would now be on 2 x LPs , which is the norm nowdays for better sounding vinyl. So this in theory should be a 4 x LP set. Just a thought as I still have my original Double Album copy of Tusk which I bought without listening to because Rumours was so good , a good reason why it sold 4 million , not a bad album but for me it contained a lot of Lindsey filler just hope its not got even more Lindsey filler.

I will buy it when the price nose dives.

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About a month ago I bought the 2-cd deluxe version that came out in Wish there was something between the two new versions. Not being argumentative but has vinyl ever been called a disc? I would not use that terminology myself but yes the article clarifies the description.

Don't Stop 7. The Chain 8. You Make Loving Fun 9. Tusk Sara Single Version 1.

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Think About Me Single Version 2. Fireflies Single Version 3. Never Going Back Again Live 4. Hold Me 5. Gypsy 6. Love In Store 7. Oh Diane 8. Big Love 9. Seven Wonders Little Lies 1. Everywhre 2. As Long As You Follow 3. Save Me Single Version 4. Love Shines 5. The 5. The one thing this is lacking that I would have like to have had is the tour documentary that was one of the earliest ever music home video releases.

Would have been nice to have dusted that one off for inclusion on a DVD. I have lots of bootlegs from the Tusk tour and they were playing insanely well at that time so two CDs of live material are certainly very welcome. My favorite FM album, this is certainly a must-buy for me. But I will happily be placing an Amazon order for it immediately;-.