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Overall the Sophos Endpoint Protection has been very good. Fully, cloud-based administration of endpoint protection software. I like the cloud-centric management portal of the product. I, as the administrator, can keep an eye on the entire company. The portal as well as the endpoint products are all globally acccessible, too. I would like a little more control of the endpoints monitored; sometimes I need a "reach out and touch you" facility. PUA's keep coming up and I'm never sure if I've removed them or not. That goes for several warnings. Some of them are only temporary missed 2 updates, for example , but they still show up as alerts, even though they have gotten the last 10 updates.

And finally, the website restrictions are pretty ridiculously restrictive.

A great, easy to use and comprehensive endpoint protection suite. Sophos has helped me make my company more compliant with security audits and it has been a breeze in doing so. Sophos endpoint protection is a very easy to use security suite of products, that gives you a lot of features for a great price. Most of the additional features such as disk encryption are modular and use the same framework or console as the main product, which make deployment even more slicker.

You need to tweak your policies before deployment to your environment, as you get a few false positives. Annick from Screen Division. All in all very happy and I highly recommend Sophos. I have been using Sophos for more than 7 years now and have it installed on all my Macs. Easy to use, easy to install, great protection. Since last year I have started experiencing trouble when backing up my Macs. Somehow there seems to be an cpompatility problem between Sophos and Timemachine and when backing up, I need to turn off scanning and live protection to make sure it goes quick.

If it's not turned off, Time Machine announces a backup time of sometimes hours. Abbey from FuGenX Technologies.

Overall, it gave our IT control over internet usage along with great security features. Sophos Endpoint Protection is a complete security solution. It checks all the attachments sent via email and provides a strong guard against all sorts of malware attacks. It is also being used to limit user internet access within our company. Which prevents the abuse of bandwidth. It also supports Windows and Mac both operating systems. Hence, nothing goes unprotected in our company.

A user can uninstall it to restore the full internet access without being asked to provide a password or taking permission. Michaela from University of Arizona. I use Sophos on all of my computers - daily - and am very pleased with it's performance. I have used Sophos on both my work computer and personal laptops over the past twelve years and have never suffered any malware issues - despite regular internet use.

I use the internet frequently - visiting numerous websites for information, purchases, etc.

Best overall antivirus software

Feel safe with Sophos. Great value for the price.

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It just works. There are not too many things I can say that about. Sophos is by far the best Anti-Virus software I have used and I have tried them all. Having it deployed in a corporate environment the past 7 years I can tell you it does work fantastic. The Enterprise Console can be a bit laggy and clunky at times and give false information about which machines are updated. But the software works very well overall.

The bottom line

Douglas from Courtesy Auto Group. Endpoint makes setup easy for a large user. Great management console allows you to apply settings to all users quickly.

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It detects threats quickly and reduces stress level for our IT department. Some features require and additional license, ie zero day protection.

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  • To most this is a feature that should just be included even if it raises price of software. Support can take awhile to respond. Ivan from Smart Organic. We are using Sophos Endpoint Protection for a couple of years and yes it keep us out of trouble. Sophos Endpoint Protection is very easy to use product with management console in the cloud. Easy to use - applying policy's to all users has never been easier. The endpoint protection is not signature based but behavior based solution.

    It can catch zero-day threats. We had few machines with outdated software - with Windows XP and we cannot use the Sophos protection on those. Brian from Data Management Inc. I am the security engineer that deployed, tested and responds to reports and performs maintenance on the product.

    This product is is billed on a per user bases, and not per device, this makes environments more cost effective when users use multiple devices.

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    Rules and exceptions work as expected. Sophos is a complete but complex anti-malware piece of software that is easy to manage and rollout. Centralized control of my diversely distributed user-base. I can make sure that everyone has the software installed and that it is working correctly. The console view is extremely helpful. I like the notifications and health reports of my protected machines and users. Some of the organization is illogical.

    The encryption is managed separately from other policies. It also over reports problems that correct themselves in a matter of days like when the users reboots. This tends to make me ignore some problems to see if they persist.