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Enter your email address below:. First, the article is wrong. All you are doing is writing zeros here where file contents used to be. Secure erase is still needed. Second, most formats DO not do this. Formatting in most cases simply resets the pointers to the data. It does not erase the data. If you remove that… Goodbye to ALL your data. This would just kill the drive sooner. Instead, write zeros or whatever a single time. That is really enough to remove the data from the deleted space.

I get the same error using the terminal commands listed here. Says it can not set up temporary file. Does anyone know how to get past this problem? All good. I have tried this several times on two different macs and it fails every time.

Easy Way to Securely Erase Free Disk Space on Mac

What gives? Then simply reinstall El Capitan. It really is that simple.

Just send it to the guy from the hydraulic press channel on YouTube. Considering that FileVault leaves the mac a little bit freezing, this secure erase free space option is way better than any other for basic users. Fairly technical process to get it set up:. Intel processors and OS X have been supporting hardware based encryption since I take about 5 pounds of C4 and place it under the Mac. I get rid of the entire machine and not just the HD. I just did this to a 6 month old Mac Pro we used in our office for a short time, then decided we no longer needed it.

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I usually do the pass DoD method. We do this at work too for machines that are going to leave the office, since corporate and customer data is on the drives. I use Filevault and do not zero out the free space, as I do the full erase instead, but I can see how this would benefit some Macs out there. So, when you reset an SSD, stick to formatting it.

Erase Free Space on a Mac Hard Drive with OS X Disk Utility to Prevent File Recovery

It seems excessive for a hard drive and probably unnecessary altogether for a SSD. I usually take old HDs and scrape the living hell out of it with a screwdriver. A burglar would just break the window. Is driving a new car with air bags and a good crash test rating safe? How about when the car is operated by a year old on a busy road at night while texting on his cell phone?

Probably not. This analogy demonstrates two things. Indeed, sometimes people even walk away from catastrophic car accidents. Second, the context is important: what is good in one situation is not good in another. Therefore, a better question is…. Even more important than asking how secure an application or technique is, start by asking yourself. Some people have treated the pass overwrite technique described in it more as a kind of voodoo incantation to banish evil spirit. Erased information in the gap has not been recovered, and Feenberg claims doing so would be an easy task compared to recovery of a modern high density digital signal.

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If recovery of data on modern media overwritten by a single pass were possible, scientists would publish papers about it, data recovery companies would charge top dollar for it, the use of it by government organizations would leak out in court cases, and drive manufactures would exploit it to increase storage capacity..

Second, shredding software which advertises these features often glosses over the application of the technique. The DoD Also, Department of Defense approves software shredding techniques only within the DoD: for storage devices released out of the Department of Defense, only mechanical destruction is approved.

Shredding individual files and free disk space has limited benefits for any cleaner application, including BleachBit.

8 Free Tools to Securely Wipe Free Disk Space Preventing Recovery

Once you understand the limits, you will know whether taking extra mitigation steps is worthwhile. Shredding an individual file properly assumes its location can be completely known, but basically it can only be known in one ideal case. The ideal case has three characteristics:. Though BleachBit cannot know the location of file after it is deleted or moved, neither can any other software. The deleted data is now floating in a giant pool of noise. In other words, a file shredded by BleachBit even in these non-ideal scenarios is difficult to recover partially and likely impossible to recover fully.

A file shredding in the ideal case should be impossible to recover—even partially. If the deleted file is allocated now by a new file, the new file has overwritten it. If the previous location is not allocated now, the cleaner will overwrite it.

How To Free Up Space on Your MacOS Hard Disk By Delete Purgeable Memory, Other and Optimize Storage,

To permanently delete data, there is an order of progression with trade-offs of convenience and time vs privacy:. Myths and legends Most of the confusion regarding the topic of data remanence data left behind after it is deleted is because of myths and urban legends.

False: Peter Gutmann thinks data should be overwritten with 35 passes to prevent recovery. False: There are methods approved by the DOD False: The United States Department of Defense approves of overwriting of a whole hard drive as a data sanitation method. The details are explained below. What features does BleachBit have to securely wipe files? Today BleachBit offers these features Overwrite specific files found by its cleaners to hide the contents of these files such as Firefox Internet cache. Permanently erase files, folders, data from hard drive and storage media, beyond the scope of data recovery.

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Download Super Eraser for Windows Permanently erase files, folders, data from hard drive and storage media, beyond the scope of data recovery. Permanently Delete Files in macOS How to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhoto? How to Avoid This? Best file shredder for Mac.