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Scrabble Champion Edition : This is a version of what I play on my computer.

Scrabble review: Digital version of classic word game a fine value

It's simple, very simple. And it's not full screen at least not on my computer I have a Mac. There's no online play. It's purely computer opponents. Runs on Vista, XP, Me, and It has the classic game, plus it has different versions, like Scrabble Golf. I prefer to stick with the classic version, so all of these new and "fun" games are a turn off, but it does have the real version. I hear or read this game works fine for Windows 7 users, but I'm not sure if it has an online play option.

Play Classic Scrabble against the Computer for PC or Mac

Hope this helps. I haven't really found a Scrabble program I'm in love with, so I tend to play my games across multiple programs and platforms i.

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Well, it looks like you can now play Scrabble if you have a Kindle. EA just released it, and it costs 4.

Also, there's one gigantic board available here: Scrabb. Spotted at Kottke.

Play with anyone and everyone, and just don't call it Scrabble. Wordipelago seems similar to the Scrabb. I'm liking it I always play facebook scrabble.


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Its a good place to find friends too that you can chat to as well as play. Watch out for people using annagrammer. Personally I just ignore the fact that my stats are damaged and quit the game instantly if I suspect they are cheating but I guess it comes down to judgement. I quit straight away.

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Its hard to tell, but I dont think they know what dragoon is. Matt, quitting early is being a worse sport than them cheating, because you don't actually know if they are or not.

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I can understand the frustration, but rather than expecting them to know your preferences in advance, why not just clarify at the start of the game? Also recommend Scrabble Champion Edition - It's simple and cheap.


It's like tournament scrabble as it's played in duplicate mode. Lot's of fun! However, finding worthy opponents is not always easy.

Scrabble is a Mac game that allows you to play from the comfort of your computer, anytime you like. The game allows you to play on your own, against the computer, or with up to three friends. The best part is that it can check the words and keep the score, tedious tasks that can take some time when playing in real life.

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The Scrabble game provides support for different game styles, comes with 3 difficulty levels when playing against the computer , offers you the option to allow duplicate words, and integrates a best word function that can show you the best possible combination while playing. All these options, together with the possibility to toggle the fullscreen mode, the scoreboard, or the game tips, enable you to customize the Scrabble behavior to match your own preferences.

This way, the experience can end up being quite relaxing.